Friday, 28 June 2013

Badgers I've Got You Covered.

Good day. I have got to grips with my ‘Badger Beacon’ program.  It works exceptionally well even in day light. When tested it could be clearly seen from a quarter of a mile away.
Now that Owen Patterson has given the green light to another killing spree, I thought I would add a little red light of my own so I have brought up an old incinerator along with a good big pile of dry timber.  When torched this contraption will glow bright red if and when intruders get too near the sett.  Of course, we are talking of intruders with almost super human abilities, they can wipe out seventy percent of Gloucestershire’s badger population carrying TB and leave thirty percent TB free.  Miraculous by anyone’s definition because to mere mortals like myself, a badger with TB looks just the same as a badger that is not carrying the disease.  But as I said before, we are dealing with almost supernatural beings whose understanding of the disease in badgers is far greater than my own, so all we can do is keep plugging away and save as many as we can until such times as this government and any successive governments see the futileness of such a totally nonsensical, hideous and downright wrong campaign.  A campaign put against one of nature’s most iconic animals.  The attack against the badger is going to be far more brutal and catastrophic to Britain’s nature than most people realise.  Notwithstanding, this barbaric onslaught will take place under a veil of mismanaged evidence, unscientifically proven experiments of yesteryear and before.  We all know Bovine TB in cattle can be contracted from the badger and deer, but let’s be very clear and be in no doubt, by killing these totally ‘live and let live’ carefree animals, Bovine TB will be just as prevalent in our herds after the cull as it was before.  Just look at the results from Southern Ireland’s culling program.
 Anyway, onwards and upwards.  Let’s just hope the closest badger sett to wherever you live is kept safe.

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