Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Daddy Cool, You Can Climb If You Want To.

After the great news of last Friday, that the badger cull had been called off on the instruction of Natural England due to the targets not being reached, it seems inconceivable to me that if the targets are not being met and that has been the statement coming from the government throughout this badger cull debacle, then put quite simply, Defra has had its figures grossly exaggerated on the population of badgers right from the start.  And something as fundamental as culling a species on a wing and a prayer policy is not only immoral but outrageously dangerous to an animal species so strategically linked to a well balanced eco system.
The badger positively enhances any woodland that he occupies and as for getting in amongst their numbers with such a scatter gun, hair brained, devastating approach can only do damage that in my opinion is almost irreversible.  In my lifetime's experience of nature, I can say with a large degree of accuracy, that when a badger and sett are destroyed the badger rarely returns.  Contented setts are years in the making and destroyed in minutes.
All this policy has done is make life for the badger intolerable.  It has created open season on the badger to be killed and maimed as a lot of these morons see fit.  The badger cull policy is anti-wildlife, anti-democratic and will do nothing to curb Bovine TB in our herds.  But the most frightening thing of all is,  if the government continues with this folly, now with the talk of gassing, snaring and killing by whichever means is the proves to be most practical and efficient at the time, there will be large parts of our countryside where the British badger has been completely eradicated and we must all make sure that the badger does not follow the other wild icons that have long since been banished from these shores.
The British badger for centuries has been the hard man of the woods, but I fear now that the badger has never been more vulnerable and the Lord Protector of our woodlands needs all the help we can give.

Watch our short film of Daddy Cool with his family trying to climb trees.


  1. Allan, if you were a plumber, just starting out and weren't very famous, what would you do? What would happen? Also I read somewhere that badgers may have been the inspiration behind the Balrog in J.R.R. Tolkein's Lord of the Rings trilogy. Is this true? If so Peter Jackson really ought to have included them in his film trilogy. Ah well.


  2. Hey Allan mate, what do you think about David Moyes' efforts at being manager of Man Utd so far? I think he's been awful myself, not nearly as good as Fergie. Maybe he should sign some of them badgers of yours instead of Wayne Rooney. Anyway have a good one, come and meet me for a pint some time if you're ever in Salford.


    Allan what do you think of this video i really like it my mum doesn't like it i think it is weird what do you think maybe you could get kim kardashian to help save the badgers