Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Throne of Daddy Cool, The Lord Protector.

The Winter Solstice is getting ever nearer, the 21st December, the shortest day.  The behaviour of my badgers captivates my interest and sparks my amusement in equal measure.  An old ash stump that was named Daddy Cool's throne years ago is, as you can see, still very much a favourite place.  It sits on the Northern boundary of this particular parcel of Cotswold woodland and Daddy Cool loves to climb up on it and survey the woodland around him and the valley that opens out in front of him to the North.
Many an evening I sit and watch, and you can't help but try and contemplate what he might be thinking as he lifts his head up towards the northern sky.  I feel sure that he is looking to the heavens in thanks of getting himself and his family this far and with the imminent, harsh weather approaching he seems to be making the most of his nightly jaunts to his favourite spot on the northern boundary, because soon the weather will not permit such luxuries.
A wildlife icon being put in such a position where he is regarded as fair game for any 'have a go charlie' the government should hang its head in shame.  I have not seen nor know of any animal that deals with nature better and rolls with its blows in a more gracious, noble, caring and kind manner.  The Lord Protector of our Woodlands really does need all the help he can get.

Watch our short film of Daddy Cool on his favourite spot.

Daddy Cool in his most favourite spot.

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