Thursday, 11 July 2013

Nature is Best when it is Left Alone

Summer is moving along at quite a pace, the young badgers are now well grown and make an appearance around nine ‘o’ clock each night to play rough and tumble over the well worn mounds of earth, utterly peaceful. They never seem to have a care in the world. Last night, just as the last of the sun’s rays were licking at the edge of the forest, four fallow deer browsed up close to the sett, the badgers looked on nonchalantly. As I watched the interaction between these beasts I could not help thinking just how privileged I was to be witnessing the coming together of two of the UK’s most iconic animals. It was soon time for me to leave, the night was warm and lazily calm, still not so much as a rustle through the leaves as I walked back through the woodland. Suddenly I started to hear a faint squealing sound which appeared to be gaining in volume as I walked on. I stopped and tried to focus on the sound. Silence… How odd. Then, from underneath a small fallen bough of timber I saw stoat with a full grown rabbit, the Wednesday evening supper for her family. Nature is our greatest leveller, totally magnificent when left to her own devices.

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