Sunday, 4 August 2013

Trolls, Nature Could Be Your Cure.

On the day so many choose to boycott Twitter you cannot help to be a little saddened that so many people are affected by these so called Trolls. It is unbelievable the level of hostility towards a woman’s face on a banknote. For heaven’s sake why not? It has been a fact for many years that girls are so very often more intelligent than boys going through their schooling years. Women look after and conserve and boys are still born with a hunter gatherer mentality.  We are still very much in an evolutionary stage.   My take on the days’ events are that, once the arbitrators of malice silence decency then the battle is half lost.
 I am very new to this twitter game.  I started my account a couple of months ago to voice my views on the proposed badger cull.  Technically I am a total moron with computers but my saving grace is my wife and kids who are much switched on to the medium and I have only experienced positivity.  It is really quite refreshing to see other people’s points of view and be able to comment on them, a medium of learning most definitely.
Back in the days when I was totally uninterested with this type of technology my kids would bring up something about a particular person they were following and the awful language this person had been using.  You just don’t expect to come across it there in front of you, as though to speak, in print, which always seems to be most disagreeable to the majority of people.  Their mother would soon tell them to hit the ‘unfollow’ button and that would be that. 
As a society we have become desensitised to language.  When I was at school, my English teacher would say that swearing was a sign of ignorance, backwardness and of course laziness.  “Why not look to try and increase your vocabulary with a more descriptive, half intelligent word than come out with these mindless, meaningless expletives?” I thought the advice then as I still do quite sound.  What chance do our children stand of talking inoffensively and nicely when they are bombarded with profanities from almost every media point?  It seems really quite wrong so many of these youngsters’ idols cannot string more than three words together without using the same old totally uninviting language and from my stand point, if I were Twitter, I think it would be far more beneficial and user friendly to actively discourage this type of language abuse on their medium. 
Swearing is always the precursor to violence, almost always swearing is grounded in negativity. 

This to me is the beauty of nature. It is so very difficult to look at anything to do with her and see negativity.  Nature and anything to do with her is always positive and on a high.  If it is short of food, it will look for food, if there is too much food, her ingenious ways of taking care of the surplus is ingenuity personified.  The translucency of nature is for everyone to see and so my advice to the Trolls and all those who continually swear is to GET OUT MORE!

Nature, full of bright ideas and positivity.

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