Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Nature is on Our Side, The Barn Owl is With Us.

I finally got round to correcting the date on my camera.  21st September, the first day of Autumn and I never honestly thought in my wildest imaginations that the badger cull would ever come to pass. The whole, shameful business will be a blight on the government I fear, for quite a considerable time. But we are where we are.

My particular badger sett is doing extremely well.  The cubs have grown up strong now, they are a good size, healthy and full of fun.  Nature seems to work in some quite extraordinary ways. A barn owl, one of three hatched this year has taken to visiting the badgers on a nightly basis.  These visits seemed to coincide with the announcement of the badger cull and when I am down at the sett and I watch the barn owl glide so gracefully overhead, I like to think, rightly or wrongly, that he is just making sure that all is well.  An angel of nature doing his bit to look after one of Britain's finest, The Badger.

Please find below the link to You Tube where you will be able to watch my latest video clip. Watch out for the low flying barn owl.

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