Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Nature’s Top Guns.

In a week that has seen Defra criticised on the Badger cull with no real scientific strategy, and Bovine TB being found in Cumbria which can be directly linked to cattle movements, I have been really quite disheartened by the hopelessness of this Badger cull situation.  And yet, on the other hand, I have seen delightful developments up and around my Badger sett, in as much as, the Stag whose presence has been most welcome around my Badger sett for parts of the day, a Barn Owl who has had a continual presence over the sett by night have now been joined by a Sparrow Hawk that is continually in and out of the area and a couple of Buzzards have set up camp just a few yards down from the Badger sett and the Little Owl that positively relishes the idea of keeping an eye over his back and white friends.  This could be a coincidence, although in my experience, any animal in nature that doesn’t take heed from coincidence, their life span is dramatically reduced.  So on that note, I prefer to think it is the Badgers calling in long past favours from nature’s top guns and it ‘takes my breath away’.

Watch my short film of a beautiful Badger.

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  1. Allan, is it true that owls do their own special war dance? Read about it on the Internet and it always seemed a tad unfeasible to me, but one can never tell with nature. (I occasionally do my own special war dance as well, after I've pulled).