Sunday, 20 July 2014

Guitar Riff and Badgers Mix.

The weather across The Cotswolds this past week has been hot, close, humid and pretty uncomfortable for a lot of nature’s life.
The Coopers watch over the Badgers religiously.  Operation Mozart’s Magic Flute, the Badger protection programme is still very much in force ready for evasive action at a minutes notice.  The Coopers’ enthusiasm and downright professionalism never ceases to amaze me from ones who appear to be quite frail and old but then, looks can be so very deceiving. 
The awful news of the passenger jet being shot down over the Ukraine this week. Total innocents, men, women and children being snuffed out in an instant, as they were on their way to their own individual destinations.  One has to ask, “How on earth can such sophisticated hardware be in the hands of people who are capable of such an act, accident or otherwise in this day and age?”  In a so called, technology full proof age, atrocities of such magnitude should never happen. 
Many years ago, my small claim to fame, I managed to beat the Palestinian’s Women’s Table Tennis Champion. Something I have dined out on every year since.  It happened in the mid -eighties, she was a very pretty girl and extremely intelligent.  She talked about her childhood growing up in the Gaza Strip.  As she talked I was captivated and mesmerised by the accuracy of detail down to the humiliating distribution of the water supply and the day to day hardships of average people trying to go about their business and eke out some kind of meaning and purpose in the wretchedness of life of all Palestinians on the Gaza Strip.  That was then, and now as we turn on our television sets and we see the Israelis tanks rolling into Gaza on the start of their ground offensive, I have to ask just how far our world’s top diplomacy teams have got?  And the answer put quite simply doesn’t appear to be anywhere at all.  Lives are still being wasted in the same fashion now as they were forty years ago. 
Our own Owen Paterson has lost his job as the Minister of the Environment.  Quite pleasing to see a woman, Liz Truss take charge of what has always been a delicate and matter of fact post.  Pleasing in as much as you would think a touch of femininity in to all environmental affairs can only be advantageous in knocking off a few rough edges of policy in a maternal fashion rather than an arrogant, scattergun approach to our ecological day to day encounters.  I thought instantly of our particular Badger problem.  Will the Badger cull roll out be halted? How could a woman give the order to shoot and gas animals of such breath taking beauty?
The facts of their innocence scientifically and otherwise are there for all to see.  A pity her predecessor did not take on board a little more of the scientific facts.  And as we lean more of Liz Truss her background in oil exploration does not bode well I fear for British Nature in general. 
Our own Dr. Brian May has called for a meeting as soon as possible with Liz Truss to discuss concerns over the proposed Badger cull. 
My advice to Dr. May is to take his guitar and a Badger along to this meeting with a riff of Brian May’s choice to set the perfect ambience and the visual of the ‘eye candy’ Badger to set the type of mood, that anyone harming in anyway shape or form our British Icon would automatically receive a Jail term handed down by our all new shiny Secretary of State for the Environment.
Just a thought Brian. See what you can do.

Please watch my short film of Badgers in a heatwave.

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