Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Badger’s Poetry in Motion

A new found stability of conscience was found at the beginning of the week on the ending of the 2014 Badger Cull.  A gigantic weight has now been lifted from the back of nature and the countryside on the ending of this needless, futile, slaughter.  And once again, the official figures are showing and Defra are saying the quota of Badger deaths have nowhere near been met.  Great news for the British Badger and yet highlighting the total incompetence of the people who set the numbers on this barbaric slaughter. 
The second year of the Badger Cull and the resulting information is the same as last year.  The culling in the cull zones has not generated the number of deaths that had been hoped for.  It should be now quite obvious to Defra and the Ministry of the Environment that the quota of dead Badgers is not being met simply because the countryside as I have said so many times before, is not awash with the black and white beasts, yet the damage done on each of these culling sprees is so very often irreversible.  For the first time this week a poll from one of the broadcasters announced that nine out of ten people are dead against the Badger cull and the total misspend of tax payers monies, and yet the culling goes ahead regardless.  For the time being at least, let us celebrate with the British Badger on the ending of the 2014 Badger cull.
A meeting this week with my old game keeper friend, Nimrod, in which he was pleased to announce that his employer, Lord and Lady Foxton’s Badger sett was doing extremely well and the family’s summer night time excursions Badger watching had been exceptionally enjoyable.  The programme of walling and tree planting to protect the sett had proved to be most advantageous. 
My own Badger sett is also doing exceptionally well.  The behaviour from this week I found to be greatly amusing.  Early in the week the gales were quite severe in this part of The Cotswolds bringing down an abundance of autumn leaves.  The Badger being an animal not to miss out on any opportunity from nature made vast inroads into gathering as many leaves from this autumn harvest as possible.  Dragging them away to their sett with their front paws in a most efficient manner.  The Badger values dryness and comfort almost as much as a full stomach. 
Nights are now turning a lot colder, the remedial effect of this showed itself in the form of a first noticeable frost down in the valley last Wednesday morning.
The Badger’s life is a very wholesome one.  He is the hand that fits so beautifully into nature’s glove.  An animal so at home within our woodland.  The two are sheer poetry. 
After the setbacks of the 2013 and 2014 Badger culls along with the unhelpful remarks from our Princess Royal on how gassing Badgers is the most humane way of dealing with them and the general public being kept pretty much in the dark on the wellbeing of our British Icon, I feel that there is the smallest glint of light through the trees towards the end of the woodland.  The British public are now slowly becoming more aware of the plight of the British Badger and more sympathetic to the Badger cause.  Information is key in any form of preservation and when one sits and looks at both sides of the argument and the weight carrying evidence on both sides I can only honestly come to the conclusion that the Badger culls are unjust, unscientifically proven and the whole thing can only be described as unscientifically proven Badger butchery.

Please watch my short film of Mrs Badger gathering leaves to bed down her sett.

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