Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Badgers, Rats and Politicians

As the rain continues to fall and the low lying valleys get more and more sodden I noticed how the rats over the last month have been seeking higher and higher ground.  Nothing new in this behaviour, it is something that rats have always done, but I was quite amused on Monday evening while up at the badger sett, again, raining quite miserably I noticed Dini the fox tracking a rat that had made its way with a few others into the woodland.  The rat came to a halt at an inhabited badger sett. If he had stayed above ground, Dini the fox would have had an easy supper.  Going down into the badger sett the risk he was taking was equally as dangerous as the one he faced above ground with Dini the fox.
Nature showing its true tenacity, for the fox would never enter a live badger sett.  Just as the rat went down a badger returned  and there she stood quite quizzingly, quite uncertain what to do with her new guest. She seemed to decide her best course of action would be to go back where she had just come from and give the rat time to sort itself out and get on its way. The saying 'as cunning as a rat' was again well and truly founded on Monday evening.
The badger's expression reminded me of the Liberal Democrat MP, Stephen Gilbert for  St Austell and Newquay on how he has changed his mind and now opposes the badger cull and instead, opts for the vaccination of badgers and cattle calling the cull 'a complete failure.'  The remarks are so reminiscent of his party with the statement on the last election of, 'we will never put up tuition fees.' They capitulated totally on the tuition fee front, let's hope the Liberal Party can be a lot more belligerent and to be seen doing something for the good of the badger rather than a lot of hot air and broken promises.
But may I say, on behalf of all badgers and myself, Mr. Gilbert MP please do as much as you can in the House to try and help fellow MPs to see the error of this government's futile, senseless, shambolic, barbaric badger cull nonsense.
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