Sunday, 19 January 2014

It Passes Inspection

A female badger in peek condition looking over her newly excavated quarters.

So far the winter has been extraordinarily kind to the badger population.  Although it has been awfully miserable for a lot of people, flooded homes, water everywhere, the badger has seldom had a winter so good.  Foraging on soft ground has been easy and although we are now into the third week of January the odd autumn berry can still be seen.  Frosted ground this winter has been so noticeable by its absence.
The badgers now from the main sett are starting to disperse.  The female badger in this short film has moved some hundred yards from the sett and her new abode has been a week in the making. This is the place she has decided to cub down.  She has got another month to 5 weeks looking at her before she brings new badger life into the woodland.  But I feel sure we are going to see a lot more winter before we see her cubs.

A female badger inspecting her new sett ready to settle into and have her cubs.

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