Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Honourable Daddy Cool

The fierce, powerful storms of the winter at last seem to be over.  Days are now calmer however, we still get the rain but the amounts are a lot more moderate.  The floods are subsiding and the few hours of sunshine between the showers is most welcome and really quite spring-like.  
There has been a few fallen trees up in the woods and around the badger sett but the ferocity of the storms, I honestly was expecting there to be a lot more.  
As I sit and watch the badgers, the sows getting ever nearer to cubbing down, my thoughts are taken away almost sending a silent ‘get well soon’ to a truly great politician, Tony Benn who has been hospitalised these last few days after feeling unwell on Saturday evening and now the reports are sadly that his condition is serious.  The word ‘honest’ and ‘politician’ do not readily go hand in hand but Tony Benn was the exception to the rule, he was honest and extremely honourable.  Some might say the last of a dying breed, the old school politician.
Also in the news this week Tony Blair, another Labour politician whose values seem to be a million miles away from Tony Benn's.  Apparently six days before Rebekah Brooks was arrested he had offered her advice on how to handle the phone hacking scandal.  I would have thought he would have had enough to do out in the Middle East with the ongoing tensions between the Israelis and the Palestinians for that is supposed to be his role since leaving British politics, Middle East Peace Envoy. 
As I listen to the various news teams reporting on horrific news turbulences throughout the world I could almost be excused for thinking the whole hullabaloo about the British badger is a very small molehill in amongst mountains of catastrophe, but surely, the mountains of catastrophe are made monumental by bad decisions, deceit and downright dishonesty, The Iraq war springs to mind.  But a comparison can be drawn, albeit nowhere near to the same scale between the badger cull of 2013 and the Iraq war, but both situations were brought about by mis-information.  Information and statistics produced solely to promote the government of the day point of view.  
My badger film this week shows two badger sows out in driving rain showing signs of anxiousness, getting quite close to cubbing down.
Daddy Cool can be seen at the end of the film scent marking his territory close to the sett.  Now his presence is more important than ever.  The sows take their safety  as a given for their welfare is in the most honourable of hands, Daddy Cool, Lord Protector of our Woodlands. 
A short film of badger sows and the Honourable Daddy Cool 

An anxious badger sow a few days off from cubbing down.

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