Sunday, 30 March 2014

A Badger's Mothering Sunday

Another year, another Mother’s Day.  Glorious sunshine is now bathing this part of The Cotswolds.  A stunning morning, with the accompaniment of Philosonic sound of bird song. Almost as if it is nature’s harmonious way of rejoicing to each and every mothers’ smile in every Mother’s Day card she opens and each gift that she unwraps across the length and breadth of this glorious nation of ours. 
Last night we started off the Mother’s Day proceedings with a very enjoyable meal at a local restaurant.  As I sat at the table, gazing round at my family and  listening to the conversation between my daughter Sophie and Sam my son, I honestly think I could remember every Mother’s Day that we have every celebrated as a family.  Amazing, quite amazing how the conversations over the years have gone from nursery school small talk, the concerns of friends and relationships in the playground, worries of not handing in homework on time, concerns over exam results along with the blight of facial acne right up to last night’s conversation which was all about the missing Malaysian airliner. A sobering, cruel reminder of the fragility of life.
 Throughout all my family’s ups and downs, my family being like any other, the saying goes, ‘Lives that aren’t messed up now and again is a sure sign that life isn’t being lived.’  But the one constant overriding total joy of the whole ‘Mother’s Day' business is that she is the best person to have on your side, her love is totally unconditional, unwavering and without parallel. 
Always a great source of amusement to me is when Jackie, my wife, Sophie and Sam’s mother, puts something up on facebook that Sophie and Sam think is so cringe worthy that their cred will be gone forever.  In reality these instances only last a short time and within a few hours we are all seeing the funny side. 
A mother’s job is never really done, there is always the niggling, nagging voice, ‘If I had done this or if I had done that,’ but on every decision a mother ever makes, there is never an occasion where she waivers from having the child’s best interests at heart. 
Please watch my short film on a mother Badger on the eve of Mother's Day.

A Badger looks out on Mother's Day Eve.

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