Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Politician’s Expense to The Badger

In a week that has seen some of the worst air pollution on record, an industrial type of smog blowing in from the continent mixed with Saharan dust blown up from Africa, the country has been in a constant haze for almost a week.  Thank goodness the situation has righted itself over the last couple of days with a south-westerly breeze blowing the problem somewhere else. 
This week we have also seen an embarrassed government still trying to cope with the expenses scandal that has rocked Westminster to its very foundations.  All thanks to the incredible investigative journalism of the Daily Telegraph bringing the whole seedy business of MPs expenses on second homes in the capital and such like out into the common domain where the public can digest all the information that has come out over the last few years and judge the honesty and integrity of our MPs and Parliament for themselves. 
Good news this week, the government has abandoned its planned expansion of the Badger Cull as a tool to reduce TB in cattle, but much to my sadness, the pilot culls will continue but there will be no independent oversight to assess their future performance.  This I fear can only be bad news for the British Badger.  The independent monitors who on the collation of all the evidence had stated ‘the Badger Cull of 2013 had failed.’ It now seems most convenient that those monitors are no longer needed.  Strikes to me they are wanting to shoot the messengers as well as the Badgers. 
But listening in to all the ins and outs and the tooings and froings of British politics there seems to be something fundamentally unsound about the whole business.  Maria Miller apologising for her behaviour regarding her expenses in a personal statement to the House of Commons, after MPs rule that she must pay back £5,800, and yet our Prime Minister stands by her and she is still in her Cabinet post.   On listening to the Conservative Chairman, Grant Chaps on a Channel 4 interview with Cathy Newman, he didn’t seem to think that there had been too much wrong doing and everyone should get on with their day to day business of running the country as normal.  However, in the real world the one that most of us dwell in, if we had embezzled monies from an employer or customer by mistake or otherwise I do not think a thirty second apology would cut us much slack. And yet, the Badger cull is going to go on regardless in the Gloucestershire and Somerset culling zones despite the overwhelming evidence that the killing of these animals will make very little to no difference to Bovine TB in cattle herds. 
A moral compass in society is a position that any government, whatever their colour, strives first and foremost to achieve.  It is achieved on respect, integrity and above all else, honesty and fairness.  Being able to preach as well as listen.  But sadly, so very often in British politics you are left miserably underwhelmed and totally disfranchised with so much that comes from the House of Commons. 
Other news, my Badgers are doing exceptionally well.  The Coopers have made two appearances this week up at my Badger sett and I feel sure that the Badgers welcomed their visit with as much enthusiasm as the Coopers gusto in getting there on their cross country and rough terrain, invalidity buggy. A fact that still astonishes me. We have seen visits from Dini the Fox and a Roe Deer buck who also seems to be keeping a close eye on the sett.  There seems to be a competition between the pair of them on who gets to see the baby Badgers first. 
Simple things you might think but to me, it is nature doing what nature does best, looking after its own, showing ingenuity, tenacity, integrity and a basic down to earth honesty of what you see is what you get.  A programme of learning of which some of our politicians would find enlightening and most beneficial.

Watch my short film of a Young Roe Deer Buck, a Badger climbing a tree and a fleeting visit of a Barn Owl.

A Young Roe Deer Buck keeping an eye on the Maternal Badger Sett hoping to be the first one to espy the new Badger Cubs.

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