Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Baby Badgers Bounce Where They Want To.

The magic of the woodland brings us new life and without doubt the enhancement of the small black and white faces is a joy to behold on these gorgeous spring evenings. 
With the aid of the Roe Deer, Dini the Fox, the Barn Owls and the Tawny Owls I like to think it has been a joint effort of nature that the woodland has once again been gifted with a new generation of iconic woodland inhabitants. 
No wonder Daddy Cool looks so smug and pleased with himself as I passed him by further down the woodland for on seeing his new young family with Mother Badger I can honestly say I have never seen a finer family of Badgers in the whole of my life. 
This week has been their first time out of the sett and as you can see from my short film, they are fat, rounded and playful. 
The presence of the British Badger is a privilege and is to be cherished.  We must all do everything we can to keep the Badger cull a thing of the past rather than a reality of tomorrow so please take time and sign the 131 petition.

This is my short film of Mother Badger having a well -deserved rest only to be disturbed by two of her playful cubs.  

Mother Badger having a well deserved rest.

Baby Badgers disturbing Mum and want to play.

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